We have added the fantastic Trio

We are a dealer for the fantastic Epson 6020 projector. Check out these reviews:



Features 3D, 1080p image performance, with Epsons' Ultra Black technology, for the finest picture you can get. Can be ISF calibrated, unlike the 5020, and can handle anamorphic lenses. All this at an extremely Affordable price.


Looking for a high quality record playing system at an Affordable Price? Check out our music hall system under "Hot Deals!"

Based around the mmf 2.2 turntable, the system adds the new a15.3 integrated amp and the very musical Marimba speaker to complete the system. A high quality system perfect for the dorm room, at a great price.


We are now carrying the King Sound line of electrostatic speakers. The long-time audiophile dream of electrostatic clarity with cone speaker dynamics and reliability is now realized in the latest products from King Sound.

King III


We have added the fantastic Triode Electronics to our product lines. Designed in Japan and built to the highest standard, Triode still remains a great value. We are adding the products to our website slowly, if you want something in the line and don't see it, contact us.

Triode TRV-35SE

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